Of course, no one relishes the thought of growing old. That said, it’s a fantastic alternative to dying young! Marketers in charge of senior living facilities must have a singular mixture of sensitivity, practicality, and even fun to break through the clutter and establish themselves properly. Here are some guidelines to do just that!

Understand Who You’re Talking To

A key decision that should be made with any piece of senior living marketing is whether you are reaching out to the potential tenant or their family. The answer could be either, but both situations require very different messaging. If you are trying to convince someone to move in, you’ll focus on amenities, location, and transportation options. If you are trying to convince someone who needs care for an aging parent, you will want to focus on the care the staff provides. Safety, compassion, and expertise come first in this scenario, whereas convenience is more important when targeting potential tenants.

Buy the Right Media

Like any other advertising effort, senior living marketing requires a thoughtful media mix strategy. This may be marketing 101, but it’s worth highlighting the best places to reach customers in the demos you’re looking for. In this case, you can create two separate creative campaigns, one aimed at adult children of aging parents, and one at the potential tenants. For the younger audience, a mix of OTT advertising with video pre-rolls and digital web banners and social ads can be very effective. For the older one, focus on traditional broadcast with older-skewing programs such as news and game shows. Consider mixing this with newspaper and outdoor/billboards.

Differentiate Yourself

Again, the concept of differentiating is not unique to senior living marketing, but it is crucial to it. At a glance, it may not seem like a highly competitive industry, but it is. Tenants and children have many choices, and they often make decisions based on feeling and instinct rather than data in this case. Highlight anything that sets you apart from the other facilities in your area, be it location, a different amenity like a movie theater or game room, specialized staff, or value.

Whoever is making the “buying decision” of what senior living facility to choose is tasked with something very important. They may know very little about their options. Your marketing is what will educate them and inform their decision. Use these tips to build strong messaging and place it on the right platforms.