Marketing trends are constantly fluctuating, and you can sometimes find that trends within individual channels seem to contradict. However, three trends seem to pop up frequently and are well worth following. The top Pay-Per-Click trends include testing out new tracks, making a conversion action map and leveraging audiences.

Test Out New Channels

With the internet growing every day, there are constantly new places to connect with potential customers with your PPC campaigns, such as social media sites, news outlets and niche search engines. One ongoing trend you should follow is to test out these new channels in ways that fit your target audience. An excellent example of a new platform to try is Quora. This social question and answer forum quickly rose to prominence as a place to find workarounds and answers to obscure questions on almost any subject, but advertisers have been slow to jump on board. The site offers PPC tools and trackers to help you monitor your test campaign and see how popular it is with your target audience. Job networking sites, such as LinkedIn, are also potential new channels to reach a wide range of working professionals.

Make a Conversion Action Map

Mapping out your conversion actions for each step of the funnel is not only beneficial for your PPC campaign; it can also help with other marketing efforts such as newsletters and promotions. Each step of the sales funnel needs a different call to action. For instance, the first step is awareness of a product or service, so the call to action should include clicking to learn more and visit your website, while the desire stage should entice customers to visit their cart. By mapping these out and using marketing tools to determine which customers are at what step, you can better target your audience with relevant ads.

Leverage Audiences

While audiences will not replace keywords for digital marketing, they are frequently addressed by PPC trends because they can help guide which platforms you use and the ads you place there. You can do this by using your digital marketing and PPC campaign tracking tools to look for overlap in your audience traffic and keyword interest. Leveraging your audiences this way can narrow your advertisement placement options for the best conversion rates.

Some of the many PPC trends marketers use include testing out new channels, mapping out conversion actions according to sales funnel steps and leveraging audience data to improve PPC campaigns. By following these trends, you can gather valuable data, refine your campaign and see more conversions.