Managing cash flow can be hard for technology entrepreneurs, especially if the company is a startup with minimal funding options. You must pay contractors and vendors routinely, cover payroll expenses, and pay employees in due time. Below is a list of ways to finance your tech business.


Securing business financing is easier than ever in today’s digital era. The internet enables upcoming entrepreneurs to share ideas with the world with a simple click. Crowdfunding platforms allow individuals to pitch their excellent business ideas to people willing to invest their funds in a cause they see real potential in or feel passionate about.

Peer-to-Peer Loans

The form of lending has become crucial for small to medium-sized ventures and startups. The approach matches companies that require business financing with trusted and approved investors looking to lend. The form of funding has better rates for lenders and borrowers than other lending techniques. Peer-to-peer loans are also processed at a faster rate compared to traditional bank loans.

Venture Capital

Most startups seeking business financing turn to venture capital firms (VC). Experts manage these firms with a keen eye on businesses with great potential. VC funding gives your business the required capital, introduction to prospective clients and business partners, and strategic assistance. VC funding seeks established companies with proven stability levels which may not be the case for startups.

Government Programs

Government programs may offer you some business financing to develop your idea. The programs depend on where your work is based and your current residential location. These provincial and federal programs are designed to facilitate technology transfer from research and academic institutions to businesses, support training and employment in the regional technology sector, and create market-ready products.

Angel Investment

You should seek angel investment if you have a startup company and want to scale your operations fast. Angel investors are people with a high net worth with the ability to provide startups with the required amount of capital in exchange for given equity in the startup. Seeking business financing from angel investors provides you with valuable mentorship as angel investors have a wealth of experience and knowledge alongside capital. Furthermore, if your angels are confident in the direction of your company, they may invest more funding which will save you from searching for more investments down the line.

It would help if you thought about the plans of your business before securing business financing for the company. The listed financing options allow your business to maintain its daily operations to facilitate growth. Contact an expert from Achieve Capital Advisors for more information about commercial financing for your tech business.