Purchase Order Financing

At Achieve Capital Advisors, we strive to provide the best financing options for all of our customers. This includes retail businesses and service companies, but also manufacturers and industrial businesses. Our experience means we understand the challenges in different industries and help you find the right financing for your immediate and future needs. Purchase order financing is an exceptional solution for production-oriented companies.

Experts in Purchase Order Financing for Manufacturers

Not every lender is familiar with the ins and outs of import, export, production and distribution, but we are. We can help you get PO financing for presold merchandise and finished goods. We also cover work-in-process financing that helps you get the raw materials needed for order fulfillment. We also work with letters of credit for domestic trade, import and export needs.

The Purchase Order Financing Process

How does PO financing work? Whether you own a distribution business or a manufacturing company, the process is similar:

  • You submit a valid purchase order from your customer
  • We provide funds to your suppliers for the inventory/raw materials needed
  • We coordinate delivery of the completed order to your client
  • You get ongoing financing for other purchase orders as required

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