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Fix and flip properties can be lucrative investments for investors and individuals alike if purchases and renovations stay on track. At Achieve Capital Advisors we can help finance fix and flip projects quickly and efficiently to grow your profits and portfolio. Offering special fix and flip financing programs, some options will work with every fix and flip property. 


Credit lines are available to investors who may have more experience with fix and flip properties and can be used for more than 500 properties. The limits for credit lines reach from $100,000 all the way to $5 million and can cover upwards of 90% of the costs in purchases and renovations. Individuals Loans are available for individuals who have smaller portfolios or less experience. Borrowers have access to $60,000 to $10 million depending on qualifications and limitations. Loans can cover up to 100% of renovations and up to 85% of property purchase costs. Everyone Whether you’re a long-term commercial investor or an individual just beginning your investment journey, Achieve Capital Advisors offers special fix and flip financing perks for everyone. Low fixed rates for lines of credit and low-interest rates for loans make funding practical and efficient. 24-month terms allow the time necessary for project timeline completion. Fast closings get the financing that all investors need in 18 days or less.

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