Equipment Financing

Having a stock of reliable, updated equipment eases your stress as a business owner. Achieve Capital Advisors offers various equipment financing and leasing products to help companies of all sizes get the tools they need. 

Equipment Leasing

Equipment leasing is a sensible option for many businesses. The advantages of leasing include:

  • Low, fixed monthly payments
  • Keeps cash and credit lines free
  • No obsolete equipment hassles

Equipment Financing

We reserve our most generous loans for businesses operating for two years or longer, but we also work with startup companies. Established businesses access the following terms and benefits:

  • Up to $500,000 for middle-market financing
  • No financial statement for applications up to $150,000
  • Up to 84 months to repay
  • Little or no down payment
  • Various payment structures
  • Smaller loans approved within 24 hours
  • Large and middle-market loans approved in 3 to 5 days

Applicants requesting funds for large-ticket items may be eligible for more than $500,000 in financing.

Special Programs

The financing experts at Achieve Capital Advisors understand that no two companies have identical equipment financing needs. That is why we offer specialized programs to help clients in unique situations.

B, C and D Credit Program

Applicants with past credit difficulties may still qualify for financing with this program. This credit program is also an excellent choice for businesses that are currently struggling financially.

Sale & Lease Back Program

This program allows you to access the equity in a piece of equipment you already own. We purchase it from you and lease it back to you with low monthly payments. Ownership transfers back to you at the end of the lease term.

Government and Municipal Leasing

We offer guaranteed-approved leasing for government and municipal entities, including:

  • Police and fire departments
  • Public schools
  • Public libraries
  • Armed services
  • Federal agencies
  • State agencies

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